Swiss Crypto

The first luxury Swiss manufactured watch and innovative crypto-currencies vault. Both at your wrist, no compromise.

Ariston watches are not only state of the art Swiss manufactured watches, they also are an innovative crypto-currencies wallet to be worn at your wrist. Our watches are delivered with 1 embodied bitcoin but you are free to store more cryptocurrencies at the highest level of security (cold storage).

On the Ariston App, thanks to the private key revealed by combining both safety elements of the watch, you can transfer cryptocurrencies anytime from your watch to the wallet of your choice.

To ensure the highest level of security, we have engineered a unique and patented solution to only unveil your private key by combining two distinct elements of your Ariston watch.

One part of the key is engraved on a removable part of the watch and the other part is engraved on the sapphire glass of the timepiece. Simply overlay both safety elements to disclose your private key.

You decide on the level of security you need for any situation by combining or keeping one of the security elements in a separate location. For the maximum level of security, Ariston strongly recommends you to keep both security elements separated and in safe locations.

Check, stock, transfer and reload.

Thanks to our iOS and Android compatible app, you can safely trade your cryptocurrencies from your smartphone.

The best of cryptos and watchmaking Our « Bitcoin Edition » is born out of the collaboration between

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