Ariston Timepieces: the best of cryptos and watchmaking

Our« Bitcoin Edition » is born out of the collaboration between Rebellion Timepieces and Alpine Tech.

Rebellion Timepieces offers luxury timepieces in limited editions. Rebellion never compromises on materials, design and engineering to deliver unique and sophisticated watches. 

Alpine Tech, formerly Alpine Mining, is the uncontested leader in Switzerland in cryptocurrency mining. The Blockchain technology, made famous by the Bitcoin, allows the exchange and storage of digital information and values in a secure, decentralized and intermediary-free manner. 


Dominique Briguet Founder
Vincent Fuentes Advisor
Luc François Besson Advisor
François-Xavier Aeberhard Lead Blockchain Engineer
Julien Aerni Community manager
Florin Dzeladini Tech Advisor
Nao Triponez Lead Web